3 in 1 Christian skits drama scripts sermon illustrations

3 in 1 Christian skits drama scripts sermon illustrations

.....Three Stories,
..........One Message......

Three In One Skits present three separate stories
being told scene-by-scene, alternating with each other. 

The three "scenes" are all on stage at once.  As one scene ends, the lights direct the audience to the next scene that “comes alive” while the other two scenes freeze (in tableau).  The use of this lighting technique assists in the "flow" of the action, but the skits can be done without light pools as well.

When one scene ends, the actors freeze in position; their last line sets up the next scene’s first line. Each scene’s action resumes exactly where it left off when its turn comes around again. Each scene ends up with the same conclusion or summary statement.

Another variation of a Three In One Skit presents three separate stories being told to illustrate one theme. They take place across the stage, from stage right to stage left, with the first scene freezing at it's conclusion, and the next one beginning when the lights come up on it. Each scene ends with the same conclusion or summary statement.

All three scenes freeze when they are finished, and the pastor has the option of walking right up to them and using them as mannequins to illustrate his sermon. He may prefer to have the players exit the stage, but leave a prop in the scene (like a book or a folder, etc..) that he can pick up and refer to, reminding the audience what this scene was about and why it illustrates the point he is making in his sermon.

This art form is very unique and surprising! A Three In One Skit provides a very memorable introduction, conclusion, or midway example for the pastor as he presents the church sermon. It gives your drama ministry a first-hand opportunity to link with the pastor to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon.

Browse the InkSpirations Three In One Skits listing below to find Christian drama scripts that will portray God's love and God's presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

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3 in 1 Christian skits drama scripts sermon illustrations

3 in 1 Christian skits drama scripts sermon illustrations

Blessed Are The Meek - (Electronic)Blessed Are The Meek - (Electronic)This “Three In One Skit” on healthy interpersonal relationships, presents a sequence of three scenes in which loud, brassy, over-confident, and presumptuous people are often the losers in life. It sets up a sermon on the merits of meekness and gentleness in the Christian life.
Contact 1-2-3 - (Electronic)Contact 1-2-3 - (Electronic)This “Three In One Skit” helps people understand that Jesus has come and will come to us first, in the form of a man; second, in the clouds when He comes for His elect; and third, when He comes to be the righteous judge. This trio sets up a sermon on eschatology.
In A TwinklingIn A TwinklingThis “Three In One Skit” deals with being ready to meet Jesus and refers to the core values of real Christians who choose compassion over judgment, love over tyranny, and integrity over compromise. This skit sets up a sermon on the "heart attitude" which identifies true believers.
Is That All There Is?Is That All There Is?This “Three In One Skit” shows that when we look to our jobs, our relationships, and our possessions to give us personal significance, we will remain forever empty. This “Three In One Skit” sets up a sermon proving that only a life lived in service to God brings us lasting satisfaction.
Resurrection TheoriesResurrection TheoriesThis “Three In One Skit” helps people understand that there are three basic theories that try to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ: the “Swoon Theory,” The “Theft Theory,” and the “Hallucination Theory.” Each theory is examined and sets up a sermon on the literal resurrection.
Slow DownSlow DownThis “Three In One Skit” presents chaos in traffic, chaos at home, and chaos at work, all set against the background of a calm song that tells us to slow down and quiet ourselves. This skit sets up a series of contrasts between chaos and calm for a sermon on the peace of God.
Who's Gonna Know?Who's Gonna Know?This “Three In One Skit” illustrates the surprising integrity compromises that Christians sometimes make to “simplify” their workloads. It sets up a sermon on doing what we do "heartily, as unto the Lord," without compromising the ethics of the Christian life.

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