Collected Skits Christian drama sermon illustrations

Collected Skits Christian drama sermon illustrations

...."They Go Together......
...........So Nicely!".........


"Collected Skits On A Theme" are a group of skits that fit together to make a thematic statement. Each of these Collected Skits begins with a narrative designed to tie together these skits with segues that bring each skit into the narrative. Each one of these skits can stand alone, but together they combine into one storyline lasting 30-45 minutes. Different casts can perform different skits, or one ensemble cast can perform all of them.

These skits set up the pastor for a sermon on the central topic of the skits. These Collected Skits On A Theme create an evening at the theater, hosted by your drama ministry. A vibrant theater outreach program serves as a magnet to attract your community to your church campus, where they will return to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Collected Skits topics include:

-being ready to meet Jesus,
-the four loves, 
-how to live a successful Christian life. 

Browse the InkSpirations Collected Skits On A Theme listing to find Christian drama scripts that will portray God's love and presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

Christian skits on a theme for drama productions or sermon illustrations

Christian skits on a theme for drama productions or sermon illustrations

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The Last TrumpetThese four "Collected Skits" on the theme of being ready for Christ's "second coming," demonstrate the urgency of being ready to meet Jesus at any time, either because our life on earth ends, or because we hear His "Last Trumpet." Excellent for a sermon on "end-times" prophesy.
The Four Loves That Shape Our LivesThese four skits are on the theme of "The Four Loves That Shape Our Lives": "Eros," that ignites our passions; "Phileo," that urges us to develop like-minded loyalties; "Storge," that cements our family relationships, and God's "Agape" love, that provides the "light and salt" attitudes and behaviors which keep our three earthly relationships from spoiling.
Signs From GodThese four "Collected Skits" are on the theme of fruitful Christian living: stewardship, holiness, love, and hope. Together, these skits combine to show four areas of life that God intends to govern, as well as, bless when we submit and obey His commands. This is excellent for a sermon on the Christian life.
Leadership MattersThese three "Collected Skits" model godly leadership by contrasting "power" and "authority" as leadership styles, celebrating people with diverse abilities to accomplish a task, and presenting God as the ultimate visionary in any project. Excellent for a sermon on biblical leadership.
The Parable TrailThis collection of four "Fractured Parables" presents Jesus' themes of mercy, forgiveness, and stewardship in "The Unmerciful Servant,” “The Prodigal Son,” “The Talents,” and “The Sower." Five detectives: Bond,” “Holmes,” “Watson,” “Colombo,” and “Sergeant Friday” search for Jesus, "The Teacher."

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