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Metaphor Skits use concrete items to represent abstract ideas.

Physical objects (props) help state the theme of the message. The image might be a physical prop, like the “Crown of Sovereignty” worn by the person who is dominating an argument. It may also be a physical position assumed by an actor that seems unusual, like falling over dead, when spoken to harshly; or a ball-and-chain may be placed on a person who exhibits a bad habit. These skits use a surrealistic style to make their point. Concrete objects become symbolic representations of abstract meanings.

A Metaphor Skit provides a very memorable introduction, conclusion, or midway example for the pastor as he presents the church sermon. It gives your drama ministry a first-hand opportunity to link with the pastor to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon. 

Browse the InkSpirations Metaphor Skits listed below to find Christian drama scripts that will portray God's love and God's presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

Metaphor skits Christian drama scripts sermon illustrations

Metaphor skits Christian drama scripts sermon illustrations

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Metaphor skits Christian drama scripts sermon illustrations

Metaphor skits Christian drama scripts sermon illustrations

Chain Reaction - (Electronic)Chain Reaction - (Electronic)This "Metaphor Skit" follows the misadventures of Bob Stufflemire as he shops for things he can't afford. Each time he makes a purchase, a chain is slipped onto his body, until he cannot move. The pastor unwraps Bob and "shows" the audience that bad financial decisions "chain" us up.
Construction Zone - (Electronic)Construction Zone - (Electronic)In this "Metaphor Skit," people uncoil and recoil to visually represent the broken relationships brought about by harsh words spoken from a prideful heart. Words can both build us up and tear us down depending on their intent.
Run To WinRun To WinIn this "Metaphor Skit," Jeff is trying to run a race, but visitors who offer him drugs, alcohol, dirty magazines and bad company hinder him. Each one leaves a chain, representing a choice to give in to sin, until finally, Jeff drops in discouragement. A sermon on spiritual warfare follows.
The Crown of SovereigntyThe Crown of SovereigntyThis “Metaphor Skit” visits Trisha and Bob Bickerson, who exchange the "Crown of Sovereignty" as they bicker about what kind of car to buy. They set up a sermon on "mutual submission" in marriage, making it clear that neither sex has divine permission to dominate.

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