Christian Skits and drama illustrations for men's ministry

Christian Skits and drama illustrations for men's ministry

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Christian Men's Ministry Scripts center on the issues Christian men face in today's challenging and extremely diverse world. These scripts deal with a wide range of topics from finding the meaning of life through serving God, to establishing a secure self-concept in this competitive world.

Establishing an image of success can become all-consuming and crush a man's spirit. The trials and joys of marriage and family relationships are of critical importance as men balance leadership and sensitivity. Christian parenting in traditional families, blended families, and in single-parent families is an area of spiritual warfare for men and women alike; all of these areas are artfully addressed in this category of Christian drama.

Prioritizing spiritual values and countering the pull toward materialism is a constant challenge, as well as, navigating the political arena of the workplace, not to mention the challenges of the single life and the ever-present spiritual warfare that besets every man who seeks to live the Christian life with integrity.

These diverse topics are sometimes treated with humor and sometimes with heartfelt drama, but always with sensitivity in this InkSpirations menu of Christian Men's Ministry Scripts.

Christian Men's Ministry Scripts provide very memorable introductions, conclusions, or midway examples for the speaker as he presents the sermon at the men's retreat, men's Bible study, or men's ministry gathering. Replace female characters with male characters wherever it is preferable, and give your drama ministry a firsthand opportunity to link with the speaker to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon.

Browse the InkSpirations Christian Men's Ministry Scripts listing below to find Christian drama scripts that will portray God's love and God's presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

We've listed the scripts from various InkSpirations categories that are suitable for men's ministry gatherings.  
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Christian skits and drama sermon illustrations for men's ministry product list

Christian skits and drama sermon illustrations for men's ministry product list

Slow DownSlow DownThis “Three In One Skit” presents chaos in traffic, chaos at home, and chaos at work, all set against the background of a calm song that tells us to slow down and quiet ourselves. This skit sets up a series of contrasts between chaos and calm for a sermon on the peace of God.
Is That All There Is?Is That All There Is?This “Three In One Skit” shows that when we look to our jobs, our relationships, and our possessions to give us personal significance, we will remain forever empty. This “Three In One Skit” sets up a sermon proving that only a life lived in service to God brings us lasting satisfaction.
Goodness and Mercy - (Electronic)Goodness and Mercy - (Electronic)This “Christian Mime Theater” skit reminds us that God promises to surround us with goodness and cloak us in His mercy in every circumstance of our lives, even in the valleys. It is an excellent sermon illustration to remind believers that Jesus is the "Good Shepherd," who provides rest and safety to us, His sheep.
Create In Me A Clean Heart - (Electronic)Create In Me A Clean Heart - (Electronic)This "Choral Reading" is a particularly effective way to present the scripture reading of Psalm 51, celebrating the goodness of God and His love for those who present themselves before Him with a sincere and pure heart. It is a captivating opening for a sermon on purity and integrity.
Leadership MattersLeadership MattersThese three "Collected Skits" model godly leadership by contrasting "power" and "authority" as leadership styles, celebrating people with diverse abilities to accomplish a task, and presenting God as the ultimate visionary in any project. Excellent for a sermon on biblical leadership.
Did You Hear Something? - (Electronic)Did You Hear Something? - (Electronic)This "Dream Skit" sets up a sermon on letting go of the past and moving forward with a renewed self-concept In Christ. Chuck is off to a job interview, but the voices in his head keep "down-talking" him until he finally looses his nerve to even try and runs off the stage.
The Portrait of Jeremy CoombsThe Portrait of Jeremy CoombsThis "Dream Skit" presents a beautiful portrait of a man who professes outward holiness, but the outward picture changes as the inward man compromises his integrity. This eerie portrait reverses when the man repents and sets up a message on unfailing Christian integrity.
The Parable of The Sheep and The GoatsThe Parable of The Sheep and The GoatsThis "Fractured Parable" presents a hilarious retelling of Jesus' parable of the "Sheep and the Goats." Jesus places such extreme importance on ministering to the needy that He puts Himself in the position of the one in need. When we minister to the needy, we ministry to Jesus himself.
The Parable of The Unmerciful ServantThe Parable of The Unmerciful ServantThis "Fractured Parable" emphasizes the importance of forgiving others, just as God has forgiven us through Christ. It is an excellent introduction for a message on the importance of showing mercy to one another and the result of harboring hatred.
The Parable of The Prodigal SonThe Parable of The Prodigal SonThis "Fractured Parable" is a testimony to God's faithfulness to forgive those who repent and return to Him with a pure heart. It sets up a message on the compassion of God and chastises those who decide that sinners should be shunned, as the "older brother" advises.
The Parable of The TalentsThe Parable of The TalentsThis "Fractured Parable" emphasizes the importance of using our God-given resources to increase His kingdom. It is an excellent introduction for a message on stewardship and the rewards for using our gifts to their potential, or the punishment for squandering them.
Heart Break Cafe - Taming AngerHeart Break Cafe - Taming Anger Anger management is the topic of this skit/sermon set in the "Heart Break Café." The pastor delivers his sermon while having lunch with Carl, who has an anger management problem, which is constantly being tried and tested by the hilarious, yet abrasive, waitress, LaRoue.
King David's MonologueKing David's MonologueIn this monologue, compromised integrity produces a casualty of lust. The royal conceit of King David leads him to abuse his power and murder Uriah. His justification sets the stage for a sermon on holiness and the surrender of our pride to the power of the Holy Spirit.
Elijah's Monologue - (Electronic)Elijah's Monologue - (Electronic)In this monologue, a spiritually exhausted warrior is soothed by God's presence. Elijah cries out to God from his cave, where he is hides in fear, after destroying the Prophets of Baal. He sets the stage for a sermon on answered prayer and the faithfulness of God.
Miracle MonologuesMiracle MonologuesThree monologues, balance Christian responsibility with God's intervention in human suffering. Each one wants God to intervene and sets the stage for a sermon on God's provision, our responsibility to take actions, and the role of suffering in the life of the believer.
The Good Shepherd MonologuesThe Good Shepherd MonologuesThree pleas for healing in the "valley of the shadow of death" are the subjects of these three Christian Drama Monologues. Each one sets the stage for a sermon on trusting God to be our constant companion in the "valleys" of life and not leaning on our own understanding.
Do You Really Love Me? - (Electronic)Do You Really Love Me? - (Electronic)In this Christian Monologue Skit, a daughter pleads for unconditional love. A mother-daughter relationship is strained when mom finds that Amanda has been hiding an academic probation notice, which sets the stage for a sermon on parent-teen relationship and the secrets to honest communication.
Solomon's MonologueSolomon's MonologueIn this Monologue Skit, Solomon laments the emptiness of wealth, lust, and power; all of which lead to vanity. He sets up a sermon on the dangers of turning wealth, status, and physical pleasure into idols. Spiritual hunger is only satisfied by a Christian life wholly devoted to God's priorities.
What's Wrong With People?What's Wrong With People?In this Monologue Skit, Carl blames others for his interpersonal relationship problems. He thinks everyone is rotten to the core and that life is unfair. He sets the stage for a sermon on humility, compassion, and seeing people through God's eyes.
An Audience With Jehovah - (Electronic)An Audience With Jehovah - (Electronic)These are three Monologues of Job-like complaints. Each one re-examines the anguish of good people over finances, wayward children, and terminal illness. These Job-like speeches lead into a sermon on God's power, regardless of our complaints, and His compassion regardless of our worthiness.
Shady BusinessShady Business Chris puts greed over integrity and delivers this monologue after failing to wear the Armor of God. Six men shadow him, representing the parts of the Armor of God, setting up a sermon on the power of greed to take over our Christian value system and the importance of wearing the armor of God.
Seen, But Not HeardSeen, But Not HeardThree monologues seek peace in problem relationships A single mom copes with disappointment; another with allegiances in her blended family; a husband tries to re-connect with his wife; each one sets up a sermon on forgiveness and the power of God to establish healthy relationships.
The Crown of SovereigntyThe Crown of SovereigntyThis “Metaphor Skit” visits Trisha and Bob Bickerson, who exchange the "Crown of Sovereignty" as they bicker about what kind of car to buy. They set up a sermon on "mutual submission" in marriage, making it clear that neither sex has divine permission to dominate.
Construction Zone - (Electronic)Construction Zone - (Electronic)In this "Metaphor Skit," people uncoil and recoil to visually represent the broken relationships brought about by harsh words spoken from a prideful heart. Words can both build us up and tear us down depending on their intent.
Run To WinRun To WinIn this "Metaphor Skit," Jeff is trying to run a race, but visitors who offer him drugs, alcohol, dirty magazines and bad company hinder him. Each one leaves a chain, representing a choice to give in to sin, until finally, Jeff drops in discouragement. A sermon on spiritual warfare follows.
Chain Reaction - (Electronic)Chain Reaction - (Electronic)This "Metaphor Skit" follows the misadventures of Bob Stufflemire as he shops for things he can't afford. Each time he makes a purchase, a chain is slipped onto his body, until he cannot move. The pastor unwraps Bob and "shows" the audience that bad financial decisions "chain" us up.
Happy AnniversaryHappy AnniversaryIn this "Rewind Skit" about marriage relationships, Drew gives Nancy what he wants for their anniversary, and Nancy gives Drew what she wants, setting up a sermon on the importance of couples sacrificing some of their own preferences to honor the needs of the spouse.
Tall TalesTall Tales"Truth always wins out" is the theme of this skit. Fred wants to tell a "fish tale" to explain why they didn't catch any fish, but Bob can't seem to get the "alternate truth" straight. An hilarious "Abbott & Costello-like" dialogue proves that a lie is not only wrong, but it never works.
Don't Touch Me! - (Electronic)Don't Touch Me! - (Electronic)Learning how to develop healthy love relationships is the topic of this skit. Carl is in line at the DMV and cannot abide having anyone enter his "personal space." This skit sets up a sermon on "loving others." It is the first step in being "light and salt" in a dark and bland world.
Follow the Leader - (Electronic)Follow the Leader - (Electronic)This skit on the difference between "power and authority" finds Joe, a contractor, who can't get anything done by wielding power. He learns that authority comes to sacrificial "servant leaders" who prioritize others in their interpersonal relationships. (First of three skits; it can stand alone.)
The Dream TeamThe Dream TeamIn this skit, Joe learns a lesson in leadership skills: getting the diverse members of "the body of Christ" to work together. He would rather use a few men than include the inept volunteers on his building project team; his servant leadership grows. (Second of three skits; can stand alone.)
Three-strand CordThree-strand Cord In this short skit on church leadership, Joe discovers that God's presence is the most significant contribution to any team. God's power carries out His vision through people, and His strand is the most significant in Ecclesiastes 4:12. (Third of three skits, but it can stand alone.)
The Compassion of GodThe Compassion of GodThis “"Skermon"” (skit/sermon) is a picture of God's compassion, with God speaking from atop a ladder while Abraham and Jonah speak from the floor. In both cases, God shows compassion for the righteous. The pastor narrates from the base of the ladder, then preaches on evangelism.
Chains of War - (Electronic)Chains of War - (Electronic)This "Skermon" (skit/sermon) is a picture of what hatred does. Mike's friends help him justify his anger toward his brother-in-law over a bad investment deal. Each one leaves bad advice and a chain, until Mike can hardly move. A sermon on forgiveness follows as the pastor un-chains him.
I Win, God Said!I Win, God Said!The danger of one-sided submission in marriage relationships is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon). He battles for a new table saw, while she wants to spend money on a vacation. The pastor interrupts the conflict encouraging mutual submission, beginning with our surrender to God.
Family Matters - (Electronic)Family Matters - (Electronic)This "Skermon" (skit/sermon) sets the stage for a four-part sermon on parenting, with one part delivered after each short vignette on an aspect of family relationships. God's command to "teach our children" the truths of the Christian life permeate every moment waking moment of our lives.
The Influence of OneThe Influence of OneThis "Skermon" (skit/sermon) is a living picture of one person's influence on the life path of another. The pastor comments during a freeze in the action as one person moves from the one who influenced him, to the next person whose life he is about to change. The sermon is in three parts.
No IdolsNo Idols"Idol worship" is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon). Worship of pleasure, possessions, and status set the stage for the pastor to present a 3-part sermon; one part after each vignette illustrating 1John 2:16,17: the "lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life."
Actions Speak Louder Than Words - (Electronic)Actions Speak Louder Than Words - (Electronic)Evangelism in the workplace is the topic of this Skermon (skit/sermon). Three employees torment their co-workers with the Gospel; one with spiritual advice, another with tracts, and another with "holy email." The pastor comments throughout during freezes or at the end as all freeze.
Close Encounters With Christians of the Wrong Kind - (Electronic)Close Encounters With Christians of the Wrong Kind - (Electronic)The effect of a bad Christian witness is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon). Brian gets a "bad taste" of Christians after being yelled at by a street evangelist and escaping a theological argument. The pastor presents sermon parts during freezes in the vignettes or at the end during a group freeze.

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