Funny Christian skits and dramatic sermon illustrations

Funny Christian skits and dramatic sermon illustrations



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Funny Christian Skits are dramatic sermon illustrations for drama ministry that capture humorous situations. These drama scripts are packed with witty twists and intelligent humor that use classic comic techniques such as: surprise, exaggeration, incongruity, repetition, misunderstanding, comedy of errors, comedy of manners, physical comedy, irony, and satire. The most refreshing characteristic of these comic skits is that they do not poke fun at the Church or make believers out to be ridiculous; instead, they portray humorous situations that provide opportunities for us to evaluate our lives as we progress toward Christ-likeness.

These Funny Christian Skits provide memorable introductions, conclusions, or midway examples for the pastor as he presents the church sermon. It gives your drama ministry a firsthand opportunity to link with the pastor to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon.

Browse the InkSpirations Funny Christian Skits listing below to find Christian drama scripts that will portray God's love and God's presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

Many of the InkSpirations scripts, from other categories, fall into the category of Funny Christian Skits. Those scripts are listed on this page. 

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Funny Christian skits and dramatic sermon illustrations product list

Funny Christian skits and dramatic sermon illustrations product list

Blessed Are The MeekThis “Three In One Skit” on healthy interpersonal relationships, presents a sequence of three scenes in which loud, brassy, over-confident, and presumptuous people are often the losers in life. It sets up a sermon on the merits of meekness and gentleness in the Christian life.
Contact 1-2-3This “Three In One Skit” helps people understand that Jesus has come and will come to us first, in the form of a man; second, in the clouds when He comes for His elect; and third, when He comes to be the righteous judge. This trio sets up a sermon on eschatology.
Resurrection TheoriesThis “Three In One Skit” helps people understand that there are three basic theories that try to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ: the “Swoon Theory,” The “Theft Theory,” and the “Hallucination Theory.” Each theory is examined and sets up a sermon on the literal resurrection.
In A TwinklingThis “Three In One Skit” deals with being ready to meet Jesus and refers to the core values of real Christians who choose compassion over judgment, love over tyranny, and integrity over compromise. This skit sets up a sermon on the "heart attitude" which identifies true believers.
Who's Gonna Know?This “Three In One Skit” illustrates the surprising integrity compromises that Christians sometimes make to “simplify” their workloads. It sets up a sermon on doing what we do "heartily, as unto the Lord," without compromising the ethics of the Christian life.
Slow DownThis “Three In One Skit” presents chaos in traffic, chaos at home, and chaos at work, all set against the background of a calm song that tells us to slow down and quiet ourselves. This skit sets up a series of contrasts between chaos and calm for a sermon on the peace of God.
Cindy and the Godfather"Cindy" chooses the authentic love of "Prince Alarming" over the superficial attention of his twin, "Prince Charming" in this delightful Christian play that retells the story of Cinderella, with a Christian twist. Her authentic love is a testimony to one of the stepsisters, who opens her heart to God as well.
The Last TrumpetThese four "Collected Skits" on the theme of being ready for Christ's "second coming," demonstrate the urgency of being ready to meet Jesus at any time, either because our life on earth ends, or because we hear His "Last Trumpet." Excellent for a sermon on "end-times" prophesy.
The Parable TrailThis collection of four "Fractured Parables" presents Jesus' themes of mercy, forgiveness, and stewardship in "The Unmerciful Servant,” “The Prodigal Son,” “The Talents,” and “The Sower." Five detectives: Bond,” “Holmes,” “Watson,” “Colombo,” and “Sergeant Friday” search for Jesus, "The Teacher."
Small Group NightmareThis "Dream Skit" encourages people to re-evaluate their pre-conceived notions about what small groups are like. It sets up a sermon that encourages people to become involved in small fellowship/Bible study groups, sharing life's joys and sorrows, thus fulfilling the law of Christ.
The Parable of The Sheep and The GoatsThis "Fractured Parable" presents a hilarious retelling of Jesus' parable of the "Sheep and the Goats." Jesus places such extreme importance on ministering to the needy that He puts Himself in the position of the one in need. When we minister to the needy, we ministry to Jesus himself.
The Parable of Lazareeta and The Rich WomanThis "Fractured Parable" presents a hilarious retelling of Jesus' parable of "Lazarus and the Rich Man," in which we are admonished to heed God's warnings to share our worldly goods with the poor. After death, we will be forever sorry that we did not obey the Lord and share our wealth.
The Parable of The Two BridesmaidsThis "Fractured Parable" presents a hilarious retelling of Jesus' parable of the "Wise and Foolish Virgins." The foolish bridesmaid fails to have her dress altered in time for the wedding and learns that there are no “second chances” to be ready to meet the bridegroom, Jesus.
The Parable of The Unmerciful ServantThis "Fractured Parable" emphasizes the importance of forgiving others, just as God has forgiven us through Christ. It is an excellent introduction for a message on the importance of showing mercy to one another and the result of harboring hatred.
The Parable of The Prodigal SonThis "Fractured Parable" is a testimony to God's faithfulness to forgive those who repent and return to Him with a pure heart. It sets up a message on the compassion of God and chastises those who decide that sinners should be shunned, as the "older brother" advises.
The Parable of The TalentsThis "Fractured Parable" emphasizes the importance of using our God-given resources to increase His kingdom. It is an excellent introduction for a message on stewardship and the rewards for using our gifts to their potential, or the punishment for squandering them.
The Parable of The Wise and Foolish BuildersThis "Fractured Parable" is a humorous depiction of Jesus' challenge to "build" our lives on the "rock" of God's Word. Those who do so are clearly compared to those whose lives crumble under the pressures of life because they chose to build their lives on the "sand" of worldly pleasures.
Heart Break Cafe - Taming Anger Anger management is the topic of this skit/sermon set in the "Heart Break Café." The pastor delivers his sermon while having lunch with Carl, who has an anger management problem, which is constantly being tried and tested by the hilarious, yet abrasive, waitress, LaRoue.
Heart Break Cafe - Here's To Your HealthSpiritual health is the topic of this skit/sermon set in the "Heart Break Café." The pastor delivers his sermon while having lunch with Carl, who isn't feeling well and can't figure out why. LaRoue, the waitress, tries to meet his dietary needs with her antics, but falls ridiculously short.
Heart Break Cafe - Unbiased CompassionUnbiased compassion for the lost is the topic of this skit/sermon set in the "Heart Break Café." The pastor delivers his sermon while waiting for a tow truck. He witnesses to LaRoue, the abrasive waitress, much to the horror of his friend, Mike, who does not associate with her “kind.”
The Crown of SovereigntyThis “Metaphor Skit” visits Trisha and Bob Bickerson, who exchange the "Crown of Sovereignty" as they bicker about what kind of car to buy. They set up a sermon on "mutual submission" in marriage, making it clear that neither sex has divine permission to dominate.
Good Deeds In this "rewind skit" two, not-so-mature, elderly Christians claim "Papa" as a dependent on their taxes, although he has been dead for 20 years, and set up a sermon on sanctification vs. hypocrisy: living with integrity, not professing one thing and living another.
Happy AnniversaryIn this "Rewind Skit" about marriage relationships, Drew gives Nancy what he wants for their anniversary, and Nancy gives Drew what she wants, setting up a sermon on the importance of couples sacrificing some of their own preferences to honor the needs of the spouse.
Sneaker-friendly Service?Being culturally sensitive to your surroundings for the purposes of evangelism is the topic of this short, humorous skit. Two elderly men sit off to the side and get confused about what those "sneeker-friendly services” are all about. This is a good wake-up call for church growth.
Cheerful GivingThis extremely short, humorous skit features two older men who comment about the importance of the offering. This skit sets up a sermon on tithing and being good stewards of what God has given us. All our wealth and wisdom cannot "out-provide" God.
Hard LaborYoung Bruce is aghast when his Uncle Buzz comes to visit. He is lazy, irresponsible, soaks his relatives for money, and is always looking for entertainment; other than that, he's quite a decent guy for a 40-year old man. This skit is an excellent set up for a youth sermon on responsibility.
Brace YourselfThe many roles of motherhood is the theme of this skit. A young woman enters what we think is an OBGYN waiting room, but she is really being fitted for a neck brace to help her balance all the various hats she has to wear. The doctor hands her a success manual: the Bible.
Amazing GraceOur self-concept in Christ is the topic of this skit, setting up a sermon on spiritual warfare when Satan tries to rob us of our identity in Christ. Grace, an overweight young mother, compares herself to the ideal wife of Proverbs 31, but she is unable to please anyone, least of all herself
Broken WingsIn this Christmas skit, Grandpa Beasley is coaxed to come to church by his tiny grand-daughter who reminds him that although Christmas may be for children, “You're a child of God, and you're in His family; you always will be.” This skit sets up a sermon on Christmas being for all the children of God.
The Power of Agape LoveThis third skit of four expounds on the "Four Loves" by portraying the quality of agape love practiced over a lifetime. The continuous cast has become senior citizens, and each one is more eager to help the other than to meet his own needs. (This skit can also stand alone.)
The Love ConnectionIn this final skit of the series, the "Four Loves" are compared to four contestants on a dating game show. "Agape" wins, but she cannot go alone. She must join with one of the other earthly loves, for any love relationship will become God's perfect love with "Agape." (This skit stands alone.)
It's Your Lucky Day!Counting your "spiritual blessings" is the theme of this skit. Frank wins the 6 million dollar lottery, but all he sees is high taxes and parasite relatives. Like Frank, we dwell on the negatives in life and forget that we are "spiritual millionaires," saved by the grace of God's love.
Tall Tales"Truth always wins out" is the theme of this skit. Fred wants to tell a "fish tale" to explain why they didn't catch any fish, but Bob can't seem to get the "alternate truth" straight. An hilarious "Abbott & Costello-like" dialogue proves that a lie is not only wrong, but it never works.
Don't Touch Me!Learning how to develop healthy love relationships is the topic of this skit. Carl is in line at the DMV and cannot abide having anyone enter his "personal space." This skit sets up a sermon on "loving others." It is the first step in being "light and salt" in a dark and bland world.
'Tis the Season Remaining spiritually focused on Christ at Christmas is the theme of this skit. At church, poor Cindy barely gets the Christmas story read. Her cell phone rings, her son switches car keys, and her other two kids announce that the Christmas tree fell through the window.
The Dirt on Growing UpFour different responses to the Word of God is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon) presenting a modern parallel to "The Parable of the Sower": lack of understanding, shallow faith, faith destroyed by the world, and fruitful soil. The pastor either comments after each soil as they freeze, or he comments at the end.
I Win, God Said!The danger of one-sided submission in marriage relationships is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon). He battles for a new table saw, while she wants to spend money on a vacation. The pastor interrupts the conflict encouraging mutual submission, beginning with our surrender to God.
No Idols"Idol worship" is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon). Worship of pleasure, possessions, and status set the stage for the pastor to present a 3-part sermon; one part after each vignette illustrating 1John 2:16,17: the "lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life."
His Will, My Will, How Will I Know?In this "Skermon" (skit/sermon) one young woman tells her friend to "hand" her life over to God. Each finger represents one area: thumb=location; forefinger=purpose; middle finger= occupation; ring finger=a mate; and pinkie=passions. The pastor interrupts half way through as the action freezes.
Actions Speak Louder Than WordsEvangelism in the workplace is the topic of this Skermon (skit/sermon). Three employees torment their co-workers with the Gospel; one with spiritual advice, another with tracts, and another with "holy email." The pastor comments throughout during freezes or at the end as all freeze.
Close Encounters With Christians of the Wrong KindThe effect of a bad Christian witness is the topic of this "Skermon" (skit/sermon). Brian gets a "bad taste" of Christians after being yelled at by a street evangelist and escaping a theological argument. The pastor presents sermon parts during freezes in the vignettes or at the end during a group freeze.
Have A Heart For The LostThis "Story Time Theater" provides a delightful retelling of the story of Jonah and the importance God places on sharing the “Good News” with people, even if we think they are not worthy. Two mimes and one story lady set up a sermon on salvation and bring out the child in every one.
The Bible, God's Book of DirectionsThis "Story Time Theater" provides a delightfully creative venue for stressing the importance of reading the "directions," God’s word, so we can conform to His ideal and not make a "mess" of our lives. Two mimes and one “Story Lady” set up a sermon on obedience and bring out the child in everyone.
Why Do Things Go Wrong?This "Story Time Theater" provides a delightfully creative venue to help people realize that our “free will” causes much of our pain, and God is not to blame for our troubles. Two mimes and one “Story Lady” set up a sermon on the results of our choices and bring out the child in every one.

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