Cora Alley Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations

Cora Alley Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations

Meet Cora Alley

Cora Alley Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations

Cora Alley Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations

Cora has been producing Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations
for over 40 years!

She is a Christian college professor, a writer, a women's ministry speaker,
a children's ministry curriculum specialist, Steve's wife,

Jason's mom, and Teagan and Shiloh's "Oma."
Cora Alley Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations

Cora Alley Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations

Christian College Professor 

Cora is chairperson of the English Department and Professor of English and Theater Arts at Hope International University in Fullerton, California. She has spent her life seeped in the world's great dramatic literature. She understands the power of a "good story" and the countless avenues it opens for teaching the sublime truth of the Gospel. Throughout her 38 years of service, preparing young men and women for ministry, Cora has taught the art of theater as well as the science of good storytelling.


In parable-fashion, Cora has been writing unique, surprising forms of dramatic literature for Christian audiences of all ages for the past 35 years. She is the originator of the Skermon, a skit and sermon run together, where the pastor and the dramatist work together to create a seamless story-telling moment. Her Three-in-One Skits, Heart Break Cafe's, Metaphor Skits, and Dream Skits are just a few of the seventeen categories of dramatic sermon illustrations contained on this website. Her Madrigal Christmas Dinner scripts, as well as her many full-length Christian Plays make her career as a writer both well-rounded and prolific. This site contains over 130 dramatic literature pieces, each one aimed at inspiring, motivating, and mobilizing the people of God.

Church Dramatist

For 10 years, Cora served as Director of Dramatic Arts at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, California, where she was privileged to work together with the senior pastor to illustrate the Gospel through drama for this fast-growing congregation of over 5,000. InkSpirations dramas have been "tried and tested" before diverse audiences with largely novice actors.

Leader in Church Drama

Cora's skits, plays, and sermon illustrations are available on this website. Her work has blessed many people worldwide since 1973.

Women's Ministry Speaker

Cora's unique storytelling talents find an outlet in her love for women's ministry. Each one of her varied retreat topics involves the women of the host congregation as players in a "Skermon" designed to illustrate the retreat's theme. Her retreats are known for their memorable visuals, stories, and dramas, always making God's Word clear and applicable for today's multi-faceted woman. To book Cora for your retreat, contact her through the contact options listed on the "Contact Us" page. 

Author and Christian Educator

Together with her husband, Steve, Cora wrote the classic children's skit curriculum, SKITuations, which is a drama curriculum of over one hundred skits, used in churches throughout the world. Steve and Cora have also written the 1,000-lesson, Christian school Bible curriculum entitled, "Biblical Choices For A New Generation," published by Standard Publishing, as well as the companion curriculum for two of the "Chronicles of Narnia" movies by Disney.

Steve's Wife and Jason's Mom

Steve and Cora have been married for over 35 years. Their lives are woven together in every aspect: from ministering together at Hope International University, where Steve is Professor of Children's Ministry, to being writing and speaking partners in children's ministry. Their son, Jason, is married to the lovely Emily, and they have blessed the world with their wonderful daughters, Teagan and Shiloh.


Schedule Cora to speak at your next Women's Ministry event!

Women's ministry speaker, retreats, women's teas

Women's ministry speaker, retreats, women's teas

Cora is a popular women's ministry speaker. She has been delighting audiences at week-end retreats, seasonal brunches, ladies' teas, and Bible studies for over 30 years. Because she is also an accomplished Christian dramatist, almost all of the topics listed on the "Women's Ministry Topics" page have short dramas that can be performed by the women of your congregation.

Scripts are sent ahead of the event, and Cora assists your performers in last-minute adjustments when she arrives. These skits provide witty, thought-provoking introductions to Cora's sermons, and connect the women of your congregation to the heart of the message! Fees are negotiable, and are usually just expenses and an offering.

The privilege of bringing the Word of God to women has been one of Cora's most treasured ministries. Click on the "Women's Ministry Topics" link below to view a list of topics that Cora is prepared to address.

Christian drama and sermon illustrations testimonial

Christian drama and sermon illustrations testimonial

Click here to see the topics that Cora has developed for
women's ministry gatherings.

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